E Class Russian Locomotive ER 774 – 38

E Class Russian Locomotive ER 774 – 38 | Train Fanatics Videos

Classic Russian locomotive Er 774-38 takes a run through Moscow

E Class Russian Locomotive Er 774-38 is one of 11,000 freight locomotives built in Russia and other countries in Europe including Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Poland.

With wheel arrangement of 0-10-0, the ER Class locomotive ended up being the principal standard freight locomotive in Russia.

Seen here in Moscow on what is known as the Moscow Railway Ring of Steam which is a circular 33 mileroute around the city center, originally opened 1908. It was felt that is that the circular design was needed because transport connections between the suburbs were difficult.

Many tourist excursions though this area of Moscow end up at the Museum of Moscow Railway at Paveletskiy.

You can book on of these excursions when visiting Moscow.

Let us know you you have ever had the opportunity to see Moscow by steam. We would love to hear about your experience!

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