Cumbres & Toltec #489 Wheel Slippin’

Cumbres & Toltec  #489 Wheel Slippin’ | Train Fanatics Videos

A little wheel slip here and there, it’s all good!

Soon, there will be snow covering every square inch of this scenic route. But for now, you have the spectacular fall colors of the New Mexico and Colorado portion of the Rocky Mountains.

Starting from Antonito, Colorado, (elevation 7,900 feet), the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad grinds its way up to Cumbres Pass, New Mexico, (elevation 10,000 feet).

It looks easy to film, but think about it……there’s a lot of skill in capturing the right shots, camera angles, and perfect sound!

Built in 1880 to support mining operations in the area, the Cumbres And Toltec Scenic Railroad covers 64 miles of 3 foot narrow gauge railroad that crosses over the Colorado and New Mexico borders 11 times before reaching the Cumbres Pass summit.

Rio Grande’s Class K-36 Mikado #489:

  • configuration: 2-8-2
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works 1925
  • Locomotive weight: 187,100 lbs
  • Tractive effort: 36,200 lbf

Let us know if you have ever had a chance to take this excursion on the Cumbres And Toltec Scenic Railroad! We would love to hear your comments!

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