Climbing The Continental Divide Mullan Pass

Climbing The Continental Divide Mullan Pass | Train Fanatics Videos

11 Locomotives are needed to pull this train up the Mullan Pass located in the Helena National Forest.

As she rounds the curve, you see the beautiful Montana scenery in the background with patches of snow still on the ground from the previous winter.

There is a mixed assortment of BNSF, CN, UP and MRL locomotives all in one concerted effort to reach the 5900 summit.

Each of the engines has approximatey 4000 HP for a combined 45,000 worth of HP!

This train will pass through the 120 year old Mullan tunnel built in 1883. She will also traverse over the Greenhorn Trestle which you can see towards the end of the clip. The Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop for this clip.

Quick Facts

  • Locomotive: MRL
  • Train Name: Montana Rail Link
  • Power type: Diesel Electric
  • Builder: EMD
  • Train type: Freight
  • Location: Rocky Mountains
  • Weather conditions: Spring

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