C2’s On The Yinghao Coal Railway

C2’s On The Yinghao Coal Railway | Train Fanatics Videos

These little locomotives were built for tough terrain!

Located in the Henan province in China, the Yinghao Coal Railway was a working coal transport line that followed all kinds of terrain. The little C2 locomotive was originally designed in Russia as a narrow gauge locomotive that allowed quick industrialization between World War I and World War II.

China started manufacturing their own version of the C2 around 1958 at their Shijiazhuang Power Machinery Plant. Although there were many design variations, the basic locomotive with tender was 28 tons and could pull 4 loaded coal wagons up steep grades. About 1000 of these class C2 type of locomotives were manufactured in all.

Design variations included long and short cabs, boiler sizes, air brakes and some even had roller bearings in the coupling and connecting rods.

Some quick facts about the C2 class locomotive

  • main builder -Shijiazhuang Power Machinery Plant
  • wheel arrangement – 0-8-0
  • locomotive weight – 16 tons
  • maximum speed – 22 mph
  • tractive effort -6984 lbf
  • driver diameters – 23 1/2 inches

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