BNSF Snaking Up The Canyon

BNSF Snaking Up The Canyon | Train Fanatics Videos

BNSF working hard in the desert!

This Union Pacific consist is a intermodal double stacker which means that the top of the freight cars are most likely around 20 feet high in places and usually 100-120 cars long.

Terrain and total tonnage of the train dictates the amount of extra locomotive help that is needed for each manifest. The consists can weigh anywhere from 4,000 tons to upwards of 9,500 tons.

Distributed power units (DPU) meaning diesel engines in the front and helper units either in the middle or at the rear of the train.

These locomotive units are weighing in at approximately 400,000 pounds each with 4,400 horse power per locomotive.

  • Builder – General Electric
  • Build date – 1999 – 2004
  • units produced – 2598 locomotives
  • Unit name – AC4400EV
  • weight – 426,000 lbs
  • power – diesel electric 4,400 hp
  • Tractive effort – 180,000 lbf

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