BNSF Leads 28 Locomotive Power Move

BNSF Leads 28 Locomotive Power Move | Train Fanatics Videos

The Santa Fe Warbonnets always catch your eye!

Back in the day, the Santa Fe Super Chief led the way with its distinctive red, silver and yellow Native American themed passenger trains which has carried over to today’s diesel freight locomotives.

Redistribution of power units is a great catch if you are a true railfan. Here you have 28 BNSF units heading through Erie, Il on the BNSF Barstow Subdivison.

These locomotives are most likely to be sold and/or rehabbed and purchased for short line or overseas use.

A rare catch as a “consist” of 28 locomotives put on quite a display!

All of the locomotive units are weighing in at approximately 400,000 pounds giving the train a total of 5,600 tons of weight!

Some railroad terms:

  1. Consist- a group or formation of locomotives and/or railcars.
  2. DIC-dead in consist- deadheading or having no power turned on.
  3. DIB-delay in block- if you stop or slow to below 10mph, you have to be prepared to stop at the next signal.

Let us know if you have ever seen a grouping of locomotives being transported in a procession such as this! It must be awesome to see!

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