BNSF Derailed Train Gives Rafters A Big Surprise

BNSF Derailed Train Gives Rafters A Big Surprise | Train Fanatics Videos

You never know what you’ll find out in the wilderness!

In a scene that reminds us of the movie “Deliverance”, these white water rafters happened upon a BNSF freight derailment while rafting on the Clark Fork River in Montana. At first glance, they are unsure of what they are seeing down river. It soon becomes apparent that they are looking at 3 Boeing 737 fuselages laying on the steep embankment of the river!

BNSF was using the Montana Rail Link line to transport 6 narrow body Boeing 737’s and other assemblies from Spirit Aerosystems, in Witchita, Kansas. The 90 car freight had a total of 19 cars derail derail including 6 that were carrying assemblies for the Boeing 737, 777, and 747 aircraft.

Spirit AeroSytems ships on average over 42 Boeing 737 fuselages each month to the Boeing plant for assembly in Washington State!

It was reported that there were no injuries suffered by the train crew as a result of this mishap.

Let us know what you think you would have done if you found this situation on your rafting trip!

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