BNSF Colorful Lash Up In Phoenix

BNSF Colorful Lash Up In Phoenix | Train Fanatics Videos

Santa Fe #642 dressed in her “WAR BONNET” colors leads the way on this colorful BNSF lash up of power.

As always, there is plenty of freight action in the desert southwest including Arizona, California and New Mexico. This consist is shown in and around the Phoenix area as a mixed freight with oil tankers, covered hopper cars and center beam cars.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) was developed in 1995 and is the culmination of over 390 railroad lines that were merged or were acquired over the last 150 years!

These locomotive units are weighing in at approximately 400,000 pounds each giving the power unit total of 1,600 tons of weight!

Some railroad terms:

  1. Consist- a group or formation of locomotives and/or railcars.
  2. DIC-dead in consist- deadheading or having no power turned on.
  3. DIB-delay in block- if you stop or slow to below 10mph, you have to be prepared to stop at the next signal.

Let us know if you love diesel locomotives in the desert. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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