Big Boy #4014 Revenue Run In Kansas

Big Boy #4014 Revenue Run In Kansas | Train Fanatics Videos

Union Pacific’s Big Boy 4014 is seen making the rounds in the Kansas winter!

During World War II, the Big Boy class locomotive was conceived to eliminate the need to double head over Wasatch Mountains.

Union Pacific originally ordered 20 class 4000 engines in 1941 and then 5 more in 1944 for $265,174 per engine. Adjusted for inflation, it is estimated that each engine would have cost $4,304,802 in todays dollars!

Quick Facts about UP Big Boy 4014

  • Rail Line: Union Pacific
  • Driver diameters:-68 inches
  • Power type: 4-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive Class 4000
  • Builder: American Locomotive Company 1941
  • Coal Consumption: 22,000 lbs per hour (converted to oil)
  • Locomotive and tender weight: 1,250,000 lbs
  • Max Speed: 80 MPH !

Let us know if you have seen Big Boy #4014 in person. We would love to hear about your experience!

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