Backyard Pool HO Train Layout

Backyard Pool  HO Train Layout | Train Fanatics Videos

This hobbyist is taking an expensive chance with his Marklin model trains!

This is not a cheap train set! These are Marklin high quality HO scale trains you see wading across his backyard pool! This model railroader has created a very interesting dynamic with trains passing each other on his homemade pool bridge.

The locomotives retail for around $300 on up and the cars average $20 to $50 each!

The HO scale trains seen here are 1/87 scale replicas from Germany. Marklin also manufactures the famous LGB brand and many others. Since the space between the rails is .625 inches, he mounted two tracks on what appears to be a piece of 1 x 8 lumber while connecting them with braces.

Marklin model trains were first sold in 1891 and they are now one of the most respected brands in the hobby.

HO scale is the most popular model railroad scale used in the United States and Europe.

The video is a little shaky, but interesting never the less!

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