7 Norfolk Southern Locomotives Pull 137 Cars!

7 Norfolk Southern Locomotives Pull 137 Cars! | Train Fanatics Videos

Georgia is on my mind watching this train go by!

Norfolk Southern outdid themselves on this train!

Running through the town of Jackson, Georgia, this mixed freight had a little bit of something for everyone.

The clip starts out slow enough waiting for the train to come through a busy crossing in town. Semi trucks, cars and even a wheelchair bound gentlemen go over the tracks before the gates come down.

The electric wheelchair is risky business crossing the tracks because the little wheels could get stuck!

This mixed freight has 7 locomotives each weighing in at around 400,000 lbs. each. This much power is needed when pulling 137 cars!

This mixed freight has the most variety we’ve ever seen:

  • Hopper cars
  • Flat cars with Caterillar tractors on top
  • A couple of auto racks
  • Numerous box cars
  • Oil tankers
  • High and Wides (open top loads)
  • Flat cars with lumber stacked high

Let us know if you have a crossing near you that gets this kind of traffic! You should be a railfan!

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