7 Locomotive “Lash-Up” Is A Colorful Sight!

7 Locomotive “Lash-Up” Is A Colorful Sight! | Train Fanatics Videos

A rare glimpse of the 7 multicolored locomotives in a terrific “lash-up”!

It almost looks like they were all washed and cleaned before this video was taken!

A lash-up is defined as the use of two or more locomotives strung together in succession.
The term lash-up is commonly used by model train enthusiasts, however, it can also be applied in this instance.

This mixed freight combined a rare combination 7 locomotives representing 5 different railways to move this mixed freight train.

Seen in this clip are:

  1. 6434 Iowa Chicago & Eastern
  2. 3053 CITX
  3. 6061 SOO
  4. 2776 CSX
  5. 2751 CSX
  6. Pan Am Railways
  7. Pan Am Railways

Since the average weight of the these locomotive is 400,000 lbs., these 7 locomotives represent over 1400 tons of rolling stock!

Let us know if you have witnessed a special event like this one in your area! We would love to hear your comments!

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