35 SD40-2 Locomotives Go For Repairs

35 SD40-2 Locomotives Go For Repairs | Train Fanatics Videos

The Union Pacific locomotives just keep coming and coming!

These string of locomotives are bound for glory in the National Railway Equipment Company’s repair shop!

All of these locomotives are going to the National Railway Equipment Company’s facility in Mt. Vernon, Illinois where they will be either overhauled or re-manufactured.

Notice that each Union Pacific locomotive has the name sprayed painted out and the letters NREX is lettered below the cab.

NREX is the reporting symbol of the National Railway Equipment Company. The National Railway Equipment Company is an American equipment rebuilding, leasing, and manufacturing company. They sells new and rebuilt locomotives to railroad companies worldwide!

Re-manufacturing and overhauling are both options to increase the life of the locomotive.

Re-manufacturing will extend the life of the locomotive 15 to 20 years and entails completely disassembling the whole locomotive and its components are then distributed throughout the shop to be inspected and replaced as needed.
Re-manufacturing costs are about 60% of what a new locomotive would cost.

Overhauling a locomotive is less expensive and extends life of the locomotive another 7-9 years overall.

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