10,000 Ton NS Freight Slams Into Limo

10,000 Ton NS Freight Slams Into Limo | Train Fanatics Videos

Shocking footage from New Paris, Indiana of a train versus a limo!

Teenagers celebrating their friends 16th birthday weren’t quite ready for the surprise they were about to receive when their stretch limousine attempted to cross the railroad tracks. Unfortunately for all those in the limo, the vehicle bottomed out and became stuck on the tracks. As if their luck just couldn’t get any worse, a train just happened to be making its way to the crossing!

The train, coming in hot, was unable to stop in time and plowed into the stretch Chrysler 300, which all things considered. sustained a lot less frame damage than one would expect in an accident such as this! In the end, this accident (and almost all train crossing related accidents) can be summed up by the conversation between the limo driver, and the trains engineer:

“Did you see me?” “Whats that?” “Did you see me?” “I sure did, I got 10,000 tons behind me dude!” “I know, I know, Im sorry.”

Thankfully there were no casualties or injuries.

Do you think there should be rules in place for limousines at rail crossings, and what kind of restrictions could prevent accidents like this one from happening again? We’d love for you to share your opinions and ideas with us!

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