100 Year Old Tulip Trestle A High Wire Act

100 Year Old Tulip Trestle A High Wire Act | Train Fanatics Videos

Indiana Railroads 100 year old Tulip Trestle provides little room for error!

You have to take it slow and easy over this relic!

This 157 foot high trestle gives you breathtaking views from high above Richland Creek in Indiana. Built in 1906, she is easily considered the state’s most spectacular railroad bridge.

The bridge carries an average of 4 freight trains per day and has been in constant use since completed.

The last steam locomotive to pass over the bridge is the #1504 which is currently being restored by the National Railway Historical Society in North Florida. She is a Pacific type 4-6-2 which weighed 471,000 lbs and was built in 1919.

Some quick facts about the Tulip Testle

  • Consists of 17 75-foot deck-plate girder spans
  • alternating with 18 40-foot girder tower spans
  • 2 50-foot spans and 60-foot spans at the west and east end of the bridge as well as another 2 40-foot spans
  • total weight of the steel used in construction comes in at appx 2900 tons
  • total length of the trestle is 2295 feet
  • total height is 157 feet

Let us know if you have seen trains coming across this fantastic structure! We would love to hear about your experience!

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