Engineers Encounter Obstacles On The Tracks

Engineers Encounter Obstacles On The Tracks | Train Fanatics Videos

You gotta keep your eyes open!

This engineer and crew are having the time of their lives after freshly fallen snow blankets the tracks along with numerous fallen trees.

The empty grain train is seen plowing through the snow eastbound into the Canadian Rockies.

Over and over the locomotive blasts any obstruction larger or small out of the way, much to the crew’s delight.

You can hear the engineer saying “keep your eyes open, here’s another one…..BOOM!”

Not sure how deep the snow has to get before the real snows plow locomotives are called upon to clear the tracks. But it sure seems close on this one!

Let us know if you have ever seen anything like this or have ridden in a cab in these conditions. We would love to hear about your experience!

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