Vive la France! First Military Vehicle!

Vive la France! First Military Vehicle! | Train Fanatics Videos

1769 Cugnot team and piston military wagon!

In 1769, after serving in the French military during the 7 year war, Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot returned to Paris to work on several of his inventions.

He eventually came up with this self propelled steam tractor for hauling artillery. He built two of these. One in 1769 and one in 1770.

The problem with this the design was high pressure steam was employed expansively without condensation. This led to problems with water supply and maintaining steam pressure.

Notice you can see the cannon slung underneath the floor of the wagon!

This demonstration was at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

Let us know if you have seen the 1769 Cugnot Steamer in person. We would love to have you share your thoughts!

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