UP 3985 Leaving Chicago

UP 3985 Leaving Chicago | Train Fanatics Videos

UP 3985 is shown making use of her articulated design!

UP 3985 is seen making an early morning start getting ready to highball out of Chicago, Illinois.


Built specifically to take on long grades like her cousin “Big Boy”, the #3985 Challenger was designed to pull freight fast up long grades without helper engines.

UP 3985 has arguably one the most distinctive steam and smoke displays of any steam engine including Big Boy!

Some quick facts about the UP #3985 Challenger

  • Builder – American Locomotive Works – 1943
  • Wheel configuration – 4-6-6-4
  • Locomotive and tender weight – 1,073,900 lbs
  • Tractive effort – 97,350 lbf
  • Nicknamed – Challenger

Let us know if you have ever had a chance to see UP #3985 in action! We would love to hear about your experience!


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