Union Pacific’s “I Wish I Were An Eagle”

Union Pacific’s  “I Wish I Were An Eagle” | Train Fanatics Videos

Union Pacific Railroad captures the spirit of their motto “Building America” in a poem!

Union Pacific provides us this opportunity to see the personal side to railroading and the way of life that still celebrates our country’s heritage and history!

Covering more than 23 states in the western United States, the Union Pacific railroad made this video in tribute to the generations of railroad families. The Union Pacific Railroad is considered by many to be America’s Railroad, and features the American Flag on the sides of all of her locomotives.

Shot in stunning hi def, the use of the drone captures the beautiful landscape of the Columbia River gorge with Union Pacific’s #8838 leading the way.

The clip is narrated by a little girl reciting a poem “I wish I were an Eagle” (author unknown) referring to the freedom and strength of this magnificent bird to glide along with the trains from above as if watching over her family!

“I wish I were an Eagle”

Author unknown

I wish I were an Eagle
With strong wings

Soaring high all day long
Over the trains, following them

Streaks of yellow,
Ribbons weaving around bends

Tracing lines on the ground
Just beyond the ridge
Or sunk low in the canyon

Hidden somewhere is always another

I wish I were an Eagle
So I can always be with them

Like someday when I become a railroader,
Like my DAD

Let us know you are a Union Pacific family member or are a patriot that is proud of our country!

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