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The Train Always Wins | Train Fanatics Videos

Sheriff Learns The Hard Way!

Midland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy in Texas was lucky to be alive!

Even though he appeared to be banged up, he wasn’t seriously injured after his SUV was hit by a train, according to officials.

While on a emergency call with sirens blaring and lights flashing, the two Sheriff’s SUV’s are seen stuck at the crossing waiting for the slower mover freight to pass.

As we all know, where there are two sets of tracks, there is always the danger of what’s on the other unseen portion of the track! You can hear the engineer blaring his horn as he approaches from the other direction knowing the folks cannot see him on the other side of the slow moving freight.

Indeed, the Sheriff made a critical mistake by ignoring the gate and lights.

He can actually be seen going around the gate while it was still down and the signal lights are still flashing!

After impacting the front of the SUV, the train managed to blast the Sheriff’s vehicle to the side, thankfully.

It was reported that the Sheriff’s deputy was bruised top to bottom, but was up and around walking and talking at the hospital.

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