The Train Movie 1964

The Train Movie 1964 | Train Fanatics Videos

Burt Lancaster stars in one of the greatest train movies of all time!

In this scene, Burt Lancaster has his hands full trying to make the locomotive a rolling bomb!

He and the other French Resistance fighter uncouple the cars behind in order to make the locomotive travel at max speed into the station ahead.

The 1964 movie The Train starring Burt Lancaster is set in August, 1944 during the waining days of World II. There is plenty of action in this 140 minute movie, however, this air chase scene is one of the best.

Often referred to as one of the greatest war films ever made, this action scene is dramatic as the machine gun burst from the British Spitfire! The black and white film enhances the realism as the bullets chase the locomotive into the tunnel.

No computer generated effects were used for obvious reasons.

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