Steam Locomotive Operation Illustrated

Steam Locomotive Operation Illustrated | Train Fanatics Videos

Because you can never know too much about how a steam locomotive works!

This really well done informational clip shows in graphic detail the working parts of a steam locomotive. Interspersed with graphics, pictures and moving illustrations, you get a much better idea of how complex yet, simple these engines are.

The fundamental equation of heat and water creating this powerful element called steam is truly amazing. Channeling that power has created the beautiful sights and sounds of all of the steam locomotives we have come to love!

You have some basic parts:

  1. The Boiler
  2. The steam dome
  3. The steam pipe
  4. The cylinder
  5. The drive wheels
  6. The connecting rods

Note: at 2:50 into the clip, the author details the most important part of the engine – the cylinder!

Inside the cylinder is the valve, located on top of the piston which is where the energy is transferred to the connecting rods and wheels.

Let us know if you like this educational clip about the inner workings of a steam locomotive! We would love to hear your comments!

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