Russian Steamers On Parade

Russian Steamers On Parade | Train Fanatics Videos

Only one language spoken here….Trains!

In a dazzling display of Russian Steam, a colorful cavalcade of beautiful classic locomotives put on quite a show. There is even a Tornado 60163 P-36 that was built soon after the Great War ended and was used for both passenger and freight service. It represented a symbol of victory over Nazism.

The 7 locomotives seen here represent 7 different Whyte wheel arrangements:

  1. Locomotive #324 – 0-8-0
  2. #699-74 – 0-10-0
  3. #018-2018 – 2-10-0
  4. #250-64 – 2-6-2
  5. #2057 – 2-10-0
  6. #36-120 – 4-8-4
  7. #0182 – 2-10-2

The P36 Green locomotive seen here has a red stripe down side and were nicknamed the “Generals”. The Generals served as the Soviet mainline passenger steam locomotives and were also sometimes referred to as the “Victory” locomotive.

The General 36-120 was rated for speeds up to 78 mp and was built by the Kolomna Locomotive Works.

Let us know if have ever had the opportunity to see Russian Steam on display. We would love to hear about your experience.

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