The Railroader Next Door

The Railroader Next Door | Train Fanatics Videos

Sign Says: ” No Diesels ” allowed on this backyard railroad!

Everything to is built from scratch on this line from the owners hands. Imagine having access to this type of property and never having to leave home to enjoy your passion!

the neighborhood kids come over and actually play HOBO by fitting into the various cars as the train circles the property. The line snakes down along a fence and actually goes right over the front walkway to the house. The tracks were laid even with the concrete level just like the real thing.

Heck, this is the real thing!

The engine is modeled after Southern Pacific’s 4-4-2 design and is set on a 7 1/4 gauge track. This type of engine was chosen for because it has a short turning radius as well as having one of the most interesting designs with lower mounted headlight and arched cab roof with windows forward.

This definitely solves the “No trains in the house” problem!

Let us know if you would love to have a set up like this one! We would love to hear your comments!

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