Railroad Meets Roller Coaster !

Railroad Meets Roller Coaster ! | Train Fanatics Videos

1829 Stephenson’s Rocket steam locomotive replica steals the show!

This silent comedy called “Our Hospitality” filmed back in 1923 shows a replica of this British locomotive being used in a comedy sketch starring the famous Buster Keaton. This silent film used english subtitles and made $537,844 at the box office which was considered a great success.

Notice that the locomotive is using wood rather than coal for the fire box and had a single pair of driving wheels.

The Rocket locomotive was actually operated by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

The Stephenson Rocket weighed almost 9,500 pounds and could reach speeds of a whopping 28 MPH!

Some quick facts about the Stephenson Rocket steam locomotive.

  1. Builder – Robert Stephenson and Company – Forth Street Works – Newcastle, England
  2. Build date – 1829
  3. wheel arrangement – 0-2-2
  4. driver diameters – 4ft 8 1/2 inches
  5. Locomotive weight – 4 tons
  6. 2 outside cylinders – 8inch x 17inch
  7. Maximum speede 28 MPH

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