Pacing Santa Fe Through The Snow

Pacing Santa Fe Through The Snow | Train Fanatics Videos

Powder snow creates a total whiteout for the engineer!

Pacing a diesel locomotive after a snow storm on unplowed track is truly rare. This Santa Fe GP 39-2 is seen making its own way from East Peoria to El Paso, Illinois.

The engineer was laying on the horn hoping that no one or no thing might be in the way in front of him. Apparently, so much snow was thrown onto the roadway that the highway maintenance crews ended up throwing the snow back onto the tracks!

Built by EMD (General Motors Electo-Motive Divsion), the upgraded GP39-2 locomotive could produce 2300 horse power. This along with its shovel nose plate is enough to blast lighter drifted snow out of the way.

This engineer could sell tickets for this thrilling ride!

Let us know if you live in a part of the country where you can see this happening OR have had the chance to sit in the cab. We would love to hear about your experience!

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