Pacing The Mount Emily Shay #1 Steam Locomotive !

Pacing The Mount Emily Shay #1 Steam Locomotive ! | Train Fanatics Videos

Trackside and aerial photography, the best of both worlds!

These lucky passengers got to ride behind one of only 116 Shay geared locomotives left in existence. Owned by the Oregon Historical Society, the The Mount Emily Shay #1 Steam Locomotive is operated by the City of Prineville Railway and provides excursions on special occasions.

Designed by Ephraim Shay, there were 2768 of these locomotives built at the Lima Locomotive Works between 1880 to 1945. Of the 116 that are left, only 20% are still operational across the country.

The Shay locomotives were designed for use on temporary tracks built by logging company’s to haul out heavy cut lumber.

Steep grades and tight curves were this locomotives specialty.

Quick Facts about Mt Emily Shay #1

  • Rail Line: Mt Emily Lumber Company – 1928
  • Train Name: Shay geared locomotive
  • Power type: Steam Locomotive Class C
  • Builder: Lima Locomotives Works, Lima OH
  • Train type: Logging locomotive – 3 cylinders / 3 trucks
  • Location City of Prineville, Oregon since 1994

Let us know if you have ever taken an excursion behind Mt Emily Shay #1! We would love to hear about your experience!

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