Ore Train Snakes Through The Snow

Ore Train Snakes Through The Snow | Train Fanatics Videos

This is perhaps the most unique train ever invented!

It is a bulk material conveyor track train built to continually transport materials with all of the best rail haulage features!


Featured under the snow is Rail-Veyor’s material transport conveyor train utilizing continuous electronic drive stations. Custom designed for each customer, these system work well in mines because of their low profile and light weight designs.

The cars are articulated to provide flexibility and are lined with a panel on each side to allow the strategically placed “power stations” keep the train moving. The rubber tires of each power station press against both sides of the cars as they turn to give the needed thrust.

Some quick facts about the Rail-Veyor:

  • Track gauge: 42 inches
  • car length: 4 or 8 feet
  • car diameters: 30,36,or 48 inches
  • rail car wheel diameters: 16 inches
  • maximum speed: 18 miles per hour
  • maximum grade: 20%

Seen in this clip, the front car of this train has a special snow plow sled attached to pitch the snow off of the tracks.

Let us know if you have ever worked with a machine like this! We would love to hear your comments!


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