Drifting Away With CP #9674

Drifting Away With CP #9674 | Train Fanatics Videos

Does this it look cold or what?

While heading from Montreal to points unknown, this 458 axel train of empty grain hoppers was caught high balling threw the snow drifts on the Matier subdivision near Coldwater (no joke), Ontario, Canada.

Depending on conditions and the severity of the storms, the snow left in their wake often leaves fine snow particles for these engineers. Just like in skiing, these are “powder” conditions which make for some great photography if you are willing to brave the sub zero temperatures and blizzard condtions!

Riding in the cab of one of these 400,000 pound locomotives in these conditions must be the thrill of a lifetime. Hope they have good heaters inside!

Let us know if you are ready for another winter of great drift busting!

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