DR Class 99 234 Frozen In Place

DR Class 99 234 Frozen In Place | Train Fanatics Videos

How do you thaw out your steam locomotive?

Caught in the dead of winter in the snow , these railway workers try to get this German Locomotive to move again. Working diligently and with shovels and a torch, they thaw out the pistons.

The DR Class 99 234 is part of the Brocken Railway and travels though the Harz National Park on the Harzer Narrow Gauge Railway in the Harzer Mountains. The railway line is narrow gauge at (3 foot and 3 3/8 inches) runs about 12 miles.

The nickname “ICE LOCK” has now been given to #99-234 for good reason!

DR Class 99 234 is a tank locomotive, and no doubt had frozen water in her tanks!

Some quick facts about DR Class 99 234

  • Year built: 1954
  • manufacturer: LKM Babelsberg
  • wheel arrangement: 2-10-2 Tank Locomotive

Let us know if you have ever been to Germany and have had a chance to ride on the Brocken Railway. We would love to hear about your experience!

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