CSX Freight Versus Truck

CSX Freight Versus Truck | Train Fanatics Videos

Grade crossing outwits truck driver!

If you find yourself stuck on the tracks, you can always call the 1 800 number that is posted on the crossing signal or sign post. In this instance, the truck driver should have never have taken the center high grade crossing with his load. If he would have called the number, assuming it existed at that crossing, perhaps the engineer would have been notified in time to stop the train.

Luckily, no one was hurt in this accident although the train crew may have been a little tramatized. The truck driver exited the cab just before the collision. Both the truck and the locomotive caught fire.

The CSX ES44AH locomotive involved in this incident weighs more than 432,000 pounds and has a front nose door and a rear-cab door, which would have allowed an escape route for the crew.

As seen, the Department of Transportation crew working the scrapper tried to tow the truck off of the tracks, but to no avail.

Remember to Stop, Look, and Listen!

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