Cass Scenic Railroad Sidewinders

Cass Scenic Railroad Sidewinders | Train Fanatics Videos

Five geared steam locomotives are shown including four Shay’s (#2,4 5,11) and a Climax (#9). Shay Locomotive #2 is sporting a Norfolk & Western “Hooter” whistle and Shay locomotive #4 is sounding off a Lunkenheimer whistle.

The Cass Scenic Railroad is an 11-mile long line located in West Virginia and is considered the unofficial home of the geared locomotive!

The Classic Shay and Climax locomotives are sometimes called the “Sidewinders”.

With a geared locomotive, you will not see the stereotypical driving wheels, but rather some fascinating gears and crank shafts working in harmony that really makes you appreciate the engineering that when into this locomotive.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Cass Scenic RailRoad, West Virginia
  • Train Name: Shay geared and Heisler geared locomotives
  • Power type: Steam Locomotive

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