CP Freight Holds On Tight While Bouncing Down The Track!

CP Freight Holds On Tight While Bouncing Down The Track! | Train Fanatics Videos

Nothing is slowing down this Canadian Pacific Freight, not even bad track!

This part of the Canadian Pacific track gives rock and roll a new meaning! CP #5853 an SD-40 locomotive is giving the crew more than they bargained for while trying to hug the rails.

This roller coaster is going to make the conductor’s log impossible to read!

Some engineers say that the older SD-40’s suspension has a tendency to do what they call “rail hunt”, meaning the trucks are old and fish around sideways. You can see the lateral movement as the train comes down the track.

Obviously, the condition of the track is poor and in need of new ballast, ties and possibly new rails. All of this does not seem to slow down the engineer who needs to maintain his schedule!

Some quick facts about the EMD SD-40 locomotive

  • Builder: EMD Gm Electro-Motive Division
  • Model SD40-2
  • build dates: 1972 to 1989
  • locomotive weight: 368,000 lbs
  • horse power: 3000 hp

Let us know if you have seen bad tracks in your area. We would love to have you share your photos with our community!

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