Big Boy #4014 & UP 844 Steam Symphony

Big Boy #4014 & UP 844 Steam Symphony | Train Fanatics Videos

Big Boy #4014 & UP 844 give a steam symphony at sunrise!

Big Boy is an articulated locomotive with compounding of the steam meaning steam is used once on both sets of driving wheels front and back. An articulated locomotive has the front boiler sitting on a front pilot wheeled truck that allows the otherwise ridged boiler to pivot around curves that would normally be too tight.

Big Boy was designed to operate safely at a maximum speed of 80 mph which was unheard of for steam freight locomotives in that time.

Peak horsepower was achieved at around 35 MPH with optimal tractive effort coming in at 10 MPH.

There were 25 Union Pacific “Big Boys” built overall beginning in 1941 for the specific purpose of handling freight up the 65 mile grade of the Wasatch Mountain Range starting inOgden,Utah and ending in Wyoming.

Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 stats:

  • Operated from 1941-59
  • Bearing full load weighed a total of 1,250,000 million lbs
  • Only 25 ever made
  • 4-8-8-4 configuration
  • Top speed of 80 Mph
  • Articulated with no compound of the steam
  • Water Capacity – 25,000 gallons
  • Cylinders- 4 outside (2 for each set of 4 driving wheels)
  • Boiler pressure – 300 PSI

Let us know if you have had the opportunity to view Big Boy up close. We would love to hear about your experience!

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