Barstow BNSF/Santa Fe Power Move

Barstow BNSF/Santa Fe Power Move | Train Fanatics Videos

Old Santa Fe units moving from Barstow to Chicago.

Redistribution of power units is a great catch if you are a true railfan. Here you have 27 BNSF units heading to Ohio for parts and/or refurbishment.

These locomotives could be used for parts and/or rehabbed and sold for short line or overseas use.

This consist (meaning formation) was using two powered units in front and two DPU‘s (distributed power units) at the rear. All of the rest are DIC‘s (meaning dead in consist or in formation).

  • Consist- a group or formation of locomotives and/or railcars.
  • DIC-dead in consist- deadheading or having no power turned on.
  • DIB-delay in block- if you stop or slow to below 10mph, you have to be prepared to stop at the next signal.
  • Let us know if you have seen a power move in an area near you!

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