Arsonist Torched 100 Year Old CN Trestle In Canada

Arsonist Torched 100 Year Old CN Trestle In Canada | Train Fanatics Videos

To make matters worse, they arrested a volunteer fireman as the primary suspect!

Located Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada, this pitch soaked trestle burned fiercely as the flames licked their way across the whole 1150 foot span.

The trestle was used heavily and connected the Alberta industrial towns of Blueridge and Whitecourt to the rest of Canada through the Canadian National Rail system. The line mainly transported bulk items such as petroleum, lumber and gravel.

A total of 24 wildfire firefighters, one helicopter, and one air tanker were used to combat the flames. The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon, April 26, 2016 and took about 4 hours to contain.

The heat was so intense that the pilot in this video could feel the heat from inside the cockpit!

Let us know if you were in the vicinity during this event or know of someone who witnessed this sad destruction of a classic piece of railroad history! We would love for you to share your thoughts.

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