5 Engine Portland Western Logging Freight

5 Engine Portland Western Logging Freight | Train Fanatics Videos

Mixed freight trains are always the most fun to watch up close and personal!

This clip is shot with great perspective in High Definition to capture the coming and going of this old mixed freight which looks awesome on full screen mode.

As you look down the track with the camera in zoom mode, you can see the cars bobbing and weaving back and forth on a really old track.

About 4 minutes into the video you start to see the log cars passing. You can hear the creak and grind of the cars as they pass by at slow speed.

The Portland and Western Railroad uses 5 mixed locomotives for this haul to insure enough power to get these logs to the lumber mill in Portland, Oregon.

These include the following EMD locomotives:

  1. One EMD GP9
  2. One EMD GP40
  3. Three EMD GP39’s

Make no mistake, the combined tractive power of the these five locomotives is a whopping 92,000 lbf with a gross combined engine weight of over 1,000,000 lbs! These EMD models proved to be EMD’s best selling Locomotives for their versatility.

We love to hear your comments if you have seen these types of trains up close and personal, or have engineered a log train in your career.

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