110 HP Case Steam “Torque Factory”

110 HP Case Steam “Torque Factory” | Train Fanatics Videos

The 110HP Case Steam Engine required 8 man crews!

Built at the turn of the century between 1910 – 1913, the 110 HP Case Steam Plows were also called “Road Locomotives” because of the their sound when under a heavy draw. These amazing machines were able to generate 3000ft-lbs of torque at 240 RPM with a top speed of 2.37 MPH.

The 1913 Case catalogue listed the purchase price at $3055 FOB, Racine, Wisconsin. The engine also won the Grand Sweepstakes Prize and Gold Medal at the Winnipeg Motor Contest in 1912. Over 800 110 HP Case Traction Steam Engines were built.

It is seen here at a tractor pull event in Pinckneyville, Illinois.

Some quick facts about the Case 110 HP Steam Engine:

  • fuel and water capacity – 1945 lbs of coal and 366 gallons of water
  • Weight – 42,500 lbs loaded with water and coal
  • Number built – 800
  • Torque – 3000 ft-lbs at 240 RPM
  • Top speed of 2.37 Mph
  • Rear Traction wheels – height, 7 feet
  • Steam pressure – 160 psi
  • Height to top of the stack – 10 feet, 5 inches

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