Train Plays Musical Notes As It Leaves Station!

Train Plays Musical Notes As It Leaves Station! | Train Fanatics Videos

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

Dame Julie Andrews may have popularized this easily understandable reference to the major scale in The Sound of Music, however, we’d like to think this train does a pretty good job of hitting those notes as well!

The clip shows this ÖBB (Austrian Federal RailwaysEuroSprinter #1016-010 leaving the station, like any other locomotive has been known to do.  Whats special about this engine however is what happens when the engine begins gaining speed!


“Whoa, that’s definitely the largest synthesizer I’ve ever seen.”

In what is almost undoubtedly in homage to the Von Trapp family (as Austria was their country of origin) the electric engine begins ‘playing’ the notes of the major scale!

Now when people talk about loving to hear their favorite engines ‘sing’ you can show them that this locomotive actually does!


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