Storm Trounces South Devon Railway!

Storm Trounces South Devon Railway! | Train Fanatics Videos

Onslaught of waves crash against the seawall in Dawlish, UK !

Located in southwest England, the Dawlish line between Plymouth and Exeter is always an adventure when the seas are churned up. Passengers get a close up and personal view of big waves crashing up and over the sea wall drenching the trains.


Opened in 1846, the Dawlish station, which is located on the seawall, seems to survive storm after storm, year in and year out. The wall is about 1 1/5 miles long with double standard track running the length through town.

Gale force winds are seen here and in February, 2014, actually causing part of the seawall to collapse leaving the tracks dangling in mid air!

One thing the passengers need to realize is that in addition to tons of water being thrown over the train and tracks is also the sand and rocks contained in each wave. This has got to damage the side of the train!

Let us know if you have seen these storms on this tracks in Dawlish! We would love to hear about your experience!


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