Road Zipper Keeps Commuters Safe On Golden Gate Bridge!

Road Zipper Keeps Commuters Safe On Golden Gate Bridge! | Train Fanatics Videos

Acting like a huge centipede, this machine uses track technology to move barriers back and forth with ease!

Called the Road Zipper, the City of San Francisco installed this new system of managing traffic flow during peak rush hours both directions on the 6 lane bridge. Built with no center dividers, the center lanes (called suicide lanes) were responsible for <stronnumerous head on crashes over the years causing fatalities and life changing injuries. Now, with this new machine, the traffic flow can be enhanced either direction by moving the barrier through this unique conveyor machine.


The 3.28 foot long barriers are lifted, not dragged, from one lane to another to open up 4 lanes in either direction on this 6 lane bridge.

Besides preventing head on collisions, the traffic flow is increased while the Road Zipper is working because the cars can go around it instead of having a whole lane closed downed during the change over.

The Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) repositions the new Moveable Median Barrier (MMB) along the 13,340 foot span from both approaches to the bridge. Each barrier is 12 inches wide and 32 inches high with a T on top to allow the machine to pick and lift the barrier along its conveyor system.

The Road Zipper can move the barriers laterally at speeds up to 10 miles per hour!

Let us know if you have ever been across the bridge while the Road Zipper is at work! We would love to hear your opinion!


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