Dump Truck Rocks This Engineers World!

Dump Truck Rocks This Engineers World! | Train Fanatics Videos

Once again, if you’re going to work around the tracks, have a lookout!

In-cab video shows this freight plowing into an errant dump truck loaded with rocks!


The driver happened to back up onto the tracks to get a position to dump his load at the wrong time!

Amazingly the cab video shows that the freight managed to slow to 37 mph at the time of the encounter.

Figuring that the average freight locomotive weighs close to 400,000 lbs, this one stopped pretty fast after the hit.

What is really surprising is the amount of rocks that flew in the air and landed on the hood of the cab!

The drive of dump truck suffered only bumps and bruises.

As you can imagine, the comments go on and on about this incident.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear yours!

Note: contact occurs 50 seconds into the clip


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